“For me it is not so much what I am going to paint, but rather how”

Frederik Feys, artist

Two hundred paintings in just four years. Frederik Feys is a passionate and thematically varied artist. He usually paints figuratively, and sometimes abstract elements emerge. Splendid, expressive colors and captivating paintings are his signature. Do you like art? Then he invites you to an exhibition, a studio visit, a look in the online gallery, or perhaps to purchase your own favorite work of art.

The paintings are created through a unique mix of personal life with art historical masters such as Chaim Soutine or contemporary artists such as Thomas Schütte. This often gives the works an unexpected perspective. This led to selection for exhibitions, to press attention by the ArtCouch Magazine, and also to purchases of various works. Biography

Spring – Niels Broek

Oil painting with a dead tree falling over in a pond, painted by artist Frederik Feys.

“Spring was finally here. The sun shone on the pale blue fresh air. I wanted to go out. Painting in the “new” nature. No, not in a park, but into the wild nature. I found Niels Broek nearby. It is located next to the Rupel, a river with wet surrounding lands. This creates many small puddles of water. The locals call them ‘wielen’.”

“There I saw a fallen tree. This winter he had broken his trunk. The dramatic reflection of the branches in the water created beautiful lines. I setup my easel and painted with the greatest concentration. With brilliant colors from warm orange to cool Prussian blue. At the end of the day I took a picture. The next day in the studio, I tightened the lines and sharpened the contrasts.”

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